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Data assimilation as statistical estimation. In data assimilation applications, the analysis and forecasts are best thought of as probability distributions.


A data assimilation system consists of three components: a set of observations, a dynamical model, and a data assimilation scheme or melding scheme.

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A European project providing new developments in data assimilation for future operational forecasting and monitoring systems

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Data Assimilation comprehensively covers data assimilation and inverse methods, including both traditional state estimation and parameter estimation. This

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To make a forecast we need to know the current state of the atmosphere and the Earth's surface (land and oceans). The weather forecasts produced at ECMWF use data ...

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Data assimilation (DA) is a technique by which numerical model data and observations are combined to obtain an analysis that best represents the state of the ...

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Understanding Data Assimilation: How Models Create Their Initial Conditions. Languages: English, French; Publish Date: 2001-01-31; Retired Date: 2012-04-10; Reviews:

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Data assimilation is a step for improving forecasting process by means of a weighted combination between observational and data from a mathetical model.

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Assimilation of satellite-derived cloud cover into the regional atmospheric model system (RAMS) and its impacts on modeled surface fields

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Data assimilation methods were largely developed for operational weather forecasting, but in recent years have been applied to an increasing range of