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In computability theory, a set of natural numbers is called recursive, computable or decidable if there is an algorithm which terminates after a finite amount of time ...

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Relationship to computability. As with the concept of a decidable set, the definition of a decidable theory or logical system can be given either in terms of ... "decidable set": Key Phrase page

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dumb_founded wrote: > What undecidable set concatenated with itself gives a decidable set? What is; A circle jerk? A statistical rate of gue; decidability

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This is to the anonymous editor from California who is trying to add the following sentence: It is a weaker notion of decidable set since there may not be an ...

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When is a Decidable Set Decidable? up vote 1 down vote favorite. Can the same set be decidable in a strong theory and undecidable in a weaker theory? Some possible ...

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Is it true that if A is a subset of B, and B is decidable, than A is guaranteed to be decidable? I believe it would be true because all the subsets of B should also ...

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Self-Assembly of Decidable Sets (extended abstract) ... for any decidable set A ⊆ N, the construction that we outlined at the beginning of this section row-computes A.

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Define undecidable. undecidable synonyms, undecidable pronunciation, undecidable translation, English dictionary definition of undecidable. adj unable to be decided.