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dec·re·ment (dĕk′rə-mənt) n. 1. The act or process of decreasing or becoming gradually less. 2. The amount lost by gradual diminution or waste. 3. Mathematics ...

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It is perfectly intelligible that a progressive fatigue and decrement of the magnitude of contraction must ensue.

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More example sentences A consequence of their altered body composition, particularly the decrement in muscle mass, is a reduction in productivity during real life tasks.

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Decrement may refer to: Decrement table; Logarithmic decrement; Increment and decrement operators; See also. Increment (disambiguation)

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decrement To subtract a number from another number. Decrementing a counter means to subtract 1 or some other number from its current value. decrement

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The counter is read-only, so the application cannot decrement it.-or- The instance is not correctly associated with a performance counter. -or-

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dec·re·ment (dek'rĕ-ment), 1. Decrease. See also: decremental conduction. 2. Decrease in conduction velocity at a particular point; a result of altered properties ...