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A sixth defendant, now 19, faces charges of statutory rape related to consensual sex with Prince when he was a senior.

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de·fen·dant (dĭ-fĕn′dənt, -dănt′) n. Law The party against which an action is brought. defendant (dɪˈfɛndənt) n (Law) a person against whom an action or ...

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A defendant is a person or entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution or a person or entity against whom some type of civil relief is being sought in a civil case.

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A defendant is the person in a lawsuit accused of doing harm to another. It's important to recognize a that defendant is not a...

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In a civil matter, the party sued by the plaintiff; in a criminal matter, the party who is prosecuted.See Civil procedure, Criminal procedure.

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A defendant is any individual or legal party that is required to answer the complaint of a plaintiff in a civil suit or any party who is formally charged or accused ...

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Based upon the facts in this case, to convict defendant of DUI, the state needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that defendant, had cannabis "in his breath, blood ...

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DEFENDANT. In criminal cases, the person accused of the crime. In civil matters, the person or organization that is being sued. The person against whom a lawsuit is ...