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In mathematics, two sets are said to be disjoint if they have no element in common. Equivalently, disjoint sets are sets whose intersection is the empty set. [1]

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disjoint the bone at the other joint, and remove the skin and meat from the bone by turning them inside out, as in Fig. 41.

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<disjoint the parts of a chicken for frying> <the author deliberately disjoints his narrative in favor of a more impressionistic account of the war>

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Disjoint Sets. Two sets and are disjoint if their intersection, where is the empty set. sets , , ..., are disjoint if for . For example, and are disjoint, but and are ...

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dis·joint (dĭs-joint′) v. dis·joint·ed, dis·joint·ing, dis·joints 1. To put out of joint; dislocate. 2. To take apart at the joints. 3. To destroy the ...

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adjective 1. having the joints or connections separated: a disjointed fowl. 2. disconnected; incoherent: a disjointed discourse. 3. Entomology. disjunct (def 3).

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A disjoint namespace occurs when one or more domain member computers have a primary Domain Name Service (DNS) suffix that does not match the DNS name of ...

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Disjoint may refer to: Disjoint sets, sets with no common elements; Mutual exclusivity, the impossibility of a pair of propositions both being true

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