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A distributed database is a database in which storage devices are not all attached to a common processing unit such as the CPU, [1] and which is controlled by a ...

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A distributed database is a database in which portions of the database are stored on multiple computers within a network. Users have access to the portion of the ...

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An Introduction to Distributed Databases A distributed database appears to a user as a single database but is, in fact, a set of databases stored on multiple computers.

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Distributed Database A distributed database is a set of databases stored on multiple computers that appears to applications as a single database.

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Homogenous Distributed Database Systems. A homogenous distributed database system is a network of two or more Oracle Databases that reside on one or more machines.

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This page describes the term distributed database and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

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Heterogeneous Distributed Database Systems. In a heterogeneous distributed database system, at least one of the databases is a non-Oracle system.

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A DDBMS (distributed database management system) is a centralized application that manages a distributed database as if it were all stored on the same computer.

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Hi Haidar, Actually, SQL Server does not recognize "distributed database" as concept. Based on your description, you want to access databases located at ...

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NuoDB’s geo-distributed SQL database delivers elastic scalability & continuous availability across data centers while maintaining transactional consistency.