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Dog breeding is the practice of mating selected dogs with the intent to maintain or produce specific qualities and characteristics. When dogs reproduce without such ...

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Breeding Dogs: The Tie. Male dogs can start to have sperm at seven months old, but ten months is more common. Young dogs do not have quality sperm.

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Dog breeding is a science and takes dedication. AKC provides a step by step guide from preparation to choosing a healthy mate.

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My pawpas and some other bitch, I mean dog. bumpin' uglies

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Dog Breeding Guide: Information on breeding your dog, including selecting dogs to breed, choosing a breeding program, and much more.

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How to Breed Dogs. Breeding dogs is not a casual undertaking. It can be very fulfilling and wonderful if you understand the responsibilities. Before you decide to ...

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Learn more about Dog Breeding Timing at Hi stranger! ... Breeding Timing in Dogs. Save to mypetMD. Breeding Timing To Maximize Fertility in Dogs .

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Comprehensive guide to whelping puppies. Excellent information that every breeder or potential breeders should read. From conception to pups ready to be adopted out.

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Groups of owners that have dogs of the same breed and have an interest in dog breeding can form national Kennel clubs. Kennel Clubs maintain breed standards, record ...

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Practical dog breeding videos to guide you through all aspects of breeding dogs. More dog breeding information at by Ve...