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The Dongxiang people (autonym: Sarta or Santa (撒尔塔); simplified Chinese: 东乡族; traditional Chinese: 東鄉族; pinyin: Dōngxiāngzú; Xiao'erjing: دْو ...

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Wine and cigarette are also forbidden among Dongxiang people. They have a strong liking for tea and their extensive variety of tea ware is a testimony to this.

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Chinese Ethnic Minorities: Dongxiang People __ "The Dongxiang ethnic group, numbering about 380,000 in total, can be found mainly in Dongxiang Autonomous County of ...

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The Dongxiang people living in northwest China have rich oral traditions but their literary rate is below average in the country.

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Dongxiang people believe in Islam. Dongxiang people are Muslims. Dongxiang people live in Gangsu province.

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Dongxiang People The most conservative Muslim ethnic group. Ramadan Special month of fasting. Pray for them! Join us in prayer for the Dongxiang People

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The Dongxiang ethnic minority. Population: 373,700 ... The Dongxiang people had been groaning under national and class oppression throughout the ages.