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noun, (often lowercase) 1. a member of a pre-Christian religious order among the ancient Celts of Gaul, Britain, and Ireland.

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A Druid (Old Irish: druí; Welsh: derwydd) was a member of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and possibly elsewhere ...

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Druid Beliefs. One of the most striking characteristics of Druidism is the degree to which it is free of dogma and any fixed set of beliefs or practices.

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EARTH MYSTERIES. The ancient megaliths and stone circles, ... In the course of time, society became more structured and elaborate and the Druid laws more rigid, ...

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Latin druides, druidae, plural, from Gaulish druides; akin to Old Irish druí druid, and perhaps to Old English trēow tree. First Known Use: 1563

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Religions of the world Menu Celtic Druidism: History, beliefs, practices, myths & Neopagan revival. Sponsored link. Overview of Druidism: According to a passage in an ...

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Located in the heart of Cambridge’s Inman Square, The Druid is what a real Irish bar should be, a social experience you’ll never forget!

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The druid is a shapeshifting, hybrid class and also one of the most versatile classes in the game. As with other hybrids, druids need to specialize in a single role ...

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Comment by FlameLazer The Druid is the class with the least playable races. Coming Cataclysm, two new races will be added. The playable Druid races are:

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Explore Druid Nature Spirituality & how to train in Druidry. The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids is dedicated to teaching and developing Druidism as an inspiring ...