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dump (dŭmp) v. dumped, dump·ing, dumps. 1. To release or throw down in a large mass. 2. a. To empty (material) out of a container or vehicle: dumped the load ...

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The first baseman was dumped from the team after hitting .210 for the first half of the season.

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Dumped is a British reality television programme which started on 2 September 2007 and aired nightly until 5 September 2007 on Channel 4. [1] It involved 11 ...

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Because you thought all your other chick friends were your priorities. Makes sense since I dumped you and you hooked up with one the next day.

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I know that getting dumped sucks. But just like with moving or giving birth (I think), I forget just how profoundly it sucks except when I'm experiencing ...

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If you are getting dumped or have already been dumped, is the place for you. Being dumped isn't so bad when you have our help getting over that ...

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"Dumped" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season two. In this episode, SpongeBob is jealous that Gary wants to spend time with Patrick. Characters

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Save articles to read later In a hurry? Bookmarks allow you to save an article to read later at your convenience. There isn't a limit, either, so you can store your ...

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You can dump the coats on the bed. I dumped the coffee down the drain. The murderer dumped the body in the river.


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