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The European Community number (EC Number) is a unique seven-digit identifier that was assigned to substances for regulatory purposes within the European Union by the ...

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EC number may refer to: 40/123. Enzyme Commission number for enzymes; European Community number for chemicals within EU regulatory schemes

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How to Determine EC Numbers. Enzyme Classification (EC) numbers are assigned to chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes. ... How An Enzyme's EC Number Is Assigned.


by EC number: ... by enzyme class; by description (official name) or alternative name(s): by chemical compound; by cofactor; by search in comments lines. Documents;

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Enzyme Explorer Assays by EC Number.

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Please enter an EC number: ... You may type 1 digit into the first field (the enzyme class), 1 or 2 digits into the second and third fields (subclass and sub-subclass ...

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The data comes from registration dossiers submitted to ECHA by the date indicated as last update. The Total Tonnage Band is compiled from all the dossiers with two ...

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EC number This article is about the Enzyme Commission codes. For the European Commission system for coding chemicals, see EC-No. The Enzyme Commission number

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MSDS Relevance. Many MSDS's carry the EC (EINECS) number of the hazardous material or its components. The European Union Directive 2001/58/EC, which amends 91/155/EEC ...

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List of EC numbers. This article is a list of enzymes, sorted by their EC numbers as determined by the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.