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Denmark has a diverse, mixed economy. It relies heavily on human resources, but not exclusively, as there are a few significant and valuable natural resources ...

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Denmark has a world-class economy. For three years running, the Economist Intelligence Unit has nominated Denmark as having the world’s best economic climate for ...

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Learn more about the Denmark economy, including the population of Denmark, GDP, facts, trade, business, inflation and other data and analysis on its economy from the ...

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Information about Denmark economy 2016 overview, Denmark GPD, statics, Denmark economic report and current Denmark economy growth.

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The etymology of the word Denmark, and especially the relationship between Danes and Denmark and the unifying of Denmark as a single kingdom, is a subject which ...

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An Economic History of Denmark. Ingrid Henriksen, University of Copenhagen. Denmark is located in Northern Europe between the North Sea and the Baltic.

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Denmark is a net exporter of food and energy and enjoys a comfortable balance of payments surplus, but depends on imports of raw materials for the manufacturing sector.

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Danish Business and Economy. Denmark has one of the strongest economies in Europe, characterised by a balanced state budget, stable currency, ...