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Costa Rica's Education System

Costa Rica's education system is considered to be the best in all of Central America.

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Education in Costa Rica is divided in 3 cycles: pre-education(before 7), primary education(from 7 to 12), and secondary school(from 12 to 18), which leads to higher ...

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Costa Rica Education. ... Jose Maria Castro (and many other early leaders), were former teachers who made education in Costa Rica a priority. In 1869, ...

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Education is Costa Rica is an important issue for expat families living in Costa Rica. On InterNations, you’ll find lots of info on education in Costa Rica.

Education in Costa Rica

Education is important in Costa Rica. The country has one of Central America's best educational systems, which includes primary, secondary, and university schools.

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Education in Costa Rica: The Exception in Central America. Costa Ricans are a highly literate people. The country boasts of 96% literacy in citizens 15 years or older ...

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Primary Education In Costa Rica education is taken seriously and as a consequence the adult illiteracy rate is unusually low for a South American country.

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Costa Rican education, although fairly successful compared to other Third World or Latin American countries, has serious problems needing action, including (1) large ...

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Information about Private Schools, Private High Schools, English speaking schools and Public Schooling in Costa Rica. High School Degrees or Diplomas Offered.