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Egyptian Arabic is the language spoken by most contemporary Egyptians. It is more commonly known locally as the Egyptian colloquial language or Egyptian dialect.

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Egyptian Arabic is the modern Egyptian vernacular and the most widely spoken and understood colloquial variety of Arabic. It is spoken by more than 90 million people ...

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Egyptian Arabic Egyptian Arabic Citations Egyptian Arabic Links Select a New Language Number of Speakers: 48 to 53 million Key Dialects: Lower Egypt Arabi, Delta ...

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History. The Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia was proposed on 30 March 2008 and started as a developing project on 2 April 2008 in the Wikimedia Incubator. [3]

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Have you always wanted to learn Arabic (Egyptian)? Now you can with the Pimsleur Arabic (Egyptian) language program. Learn to speak Arabic (Egyptian) like a native!

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Information about written and spoken Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, including the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation. Egyptian Arabic is used in Egypt and widely ...

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Hi welcome to Egyptian Arabic online lessons. Due to the popularity of my other blog Arabic Song Lyrics and Translation at, I have launched ...

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Egyptian Arabic coursebooks, grammars, dictionaries, phrasebooks, audio courses, language software. Learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.

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A collection of useful phrases in Egyptian Arabic, the variety of colloquial Arabic spoken in Egypt.

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Egyptian Arabic, also known as Egyptian Spoken Arabic, Masri, Massry, Normal Egyptian Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, is a variety of Arabic which belongs to ...