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El Alamein (or Al 'Alameen) (Arabic: العلمين ‎, IPA: [elʕælæˈmeːn], literally "the two flags") is a town in the northern Matrouh Governorate of Egypt.

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The Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October–11 November 1942) was a major battle of the Second World War that took place near the Egyptian railway halt of El Alamein.

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Famed for the decisive victory of the Allies over the Axis forces in the WWII North Africa campaign, El-Alamein is located half-way between Alexandria and Marsa ...

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Rommel studying maps during the battle at El Alamein. El Alamein is 150 miles west of Cairo. By the summer of 1942, the Allies were in trouble throughout Europe.

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The Battle of El Alamein did much to restore British morale during World War Two, and is remembered by the Allied forces with pride. Examine why it ...

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Three major battles occurred around El Alamein between July and November 1942, and were the turning point of the war in North Africa. The Australian 9th Division, led ...

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El Alamein: see Alamein, ElAlamein, El or Al Alamayn , town, N Egypt, on the Mediterranean Sea. It was the site of a decisive British victory in World War II (see ...

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00pm, Film4 An American tank crew get lost in the desert during the retreat from El Alamein and face a desperate race against time to reach a source of water in an ...

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War seen through the eyes of Serra, a university student from Palermo who volunteers in 1942 to fight in Africa. He is assigned to the Pavia Division on the southern ...