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Endoclita is a genus of moths of the family Hepialidae. There are 60 described species found in eastern and southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

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Endoclita. Version 10 February 2005 (temporary). in The Tree of Life Web Project, edit this page ...

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Endoclita absurdus; Endoclita aemulus; Endoclita aikasama; Endoclita albosignata; Endoclita anhuiensis; Endoclita annae; Endoclita aroura; Endoclita auratus

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Endoclita aboe (Moore, [1860]) India, Nepal Female. From Ueda (2000) Holotype. BMNH Endoclita absurdus Daniel 1940 China: northern Yunnan, Li-Kiang

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Endoclita excrescens is a species of moth of the family Hepialidae. It is known from Japan and the Russian Far East. [1] Food plants for this species include Castanea


Endoclita: Systematik; Domän: Eukaryoter Eukaryota: Rike: Djur Animalia: Stam: Leddjur Arthropoda: Understam: Sexfotingar Hexapoda: Klass: Egentliga insekter Insecta ...

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An Endoclita in uska genus han Lepidoptera. An Endoclita in nahilalakip ha familia nga Hepialidae. Ilarom nga taxa [igliwat | igliwat an pinagtikangan]

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Endoclita Felder, 1874 in Felder & Rogenhofer. Type species: Endoclita similis felder, 1874 in Felder & Rogenhofer. Synonymy . Hypophassus Le Cerf, 1919;