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The epithalamus is a posterior segment of the diencephalon. The diencephalon is a part of the forebrain that also contains the thalamus, the hypothalamus and ...

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epithalamus [ep″ĭ-thal´ah-mus] the part of the diencephalon just superior and posterior to the thalamus, comprising the pineal body and adjacent structures.

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The epithalamus is a region in the center of the brain that's responsible for connecting the lymbic system to the rest of the...

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The epithalamus is represented mainly by the pineal gland, which lies in the midline posterior and dorsal to the third ventricle. This gland synthesizes melatonin and ...

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epithalamus ep·i·thal·a·mus (ěp'ə-thāl'ə-məs) n. A dorsal segment of the diencephalon containing the habenula and the pineal body.

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What are the 3 main functions of the epithalamus? Secretion of melatonin (pineal gland) Regulation of motor pathways and emotions Connection with limbic system and ...

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The thalamus is part of a nuclear complex structured of four parts, the hypothalamus, epithalamus, prethalamus (formerly called ventral thalamus), and dorsal thalamus.

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The epithalamus is a part of the diencephalon. It is an appendix of the thalamus and controls the olfactory center, brain stem and pineal gland (epiphysis).

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