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Erhard Seminars Training (est), an organization founded by Werner H. Erhard, offered a two-weekend (60-hour) course known officially as "The est Standard Training".

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Werner Erhard and The est Training. Check out this in depth feature on the est Training, narrated by Joel Daly, current news Anchor of ABC News in Chicago.

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Erhard Seminars Training, also known as est, EST, and est training, was an organization founded by Werner H. Erhard, which offered a two-weekend (60-hour) course ...

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Erhard Seminars Training or est (Latin for "it is") was a two weekend seminar operated by former encyclopedia and used car salesman Werner Erhard (born ...

What is Werner Erhard doing now?

Werner Erhard in The New York Times. More than 40 years after the est Training, Werner’s and his co-authors’ Leadership Course is discussed in the New York Times ...

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-- Werner Erhard Werner Erhard's est [Erhard Seminar Training and Latin for "it is"] was one of the more ...

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Werner Erhard originated The est Training (est) in 1971. The est Training ... (Erhard Seminars Training) - especially a workshop on communication ...

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"est", short for Erhard Seminars Training, also Latin for "It is," offered intensive communications and self-development workshops. [59] Their purpose was "to ...

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Werner Erhard works as a critical thinker to contribute to the academic community and to benefit business, organizations and individuals.

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40th Anniversary of the "est" Training. A gathering of the original Human Potential Movement graduates. Posted Oct 25, 2011 . SHARE. TWEET. EMAIL. MORE. SHARE.