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According to the Sumerian kinglist Eridu was the first city in the World. The opening line reads, "[nam]-lugal an-ta èd-dè-a-ba [eri]du ki nam-lugal-la"

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Eridu (present day Abu Shahrein, Iraq) was considered the first city in the world by the ancient Sumerians and, certainly, is among the most ancient of ruins.

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The Sumerian city of Eridu (now called Tell Abu Shahrain) is located about 22 kilometers south of Nasiriya in Iraq, and it was first occupied about 5000 BC.

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Eridu and the Annunaki Ancient Eridu(5000-600 BC) The first World city and home of Enki. In southeastern Iraq, buried beneath the sands, is the ancient city of Eridu ...

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Eridu, ancient Sumerian city south of modern Ur (Tall al-Muqayyar), Iraq. Eridu was revered as the oldest city in Sumer according to the king lists, and its patron ...

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Eridu . Eridu is an ancient Sumerian city in what is now Tell Abu Shahrain, Dhi Qar Governorate, Iraq. Eridu was considered the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia ...

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Long before history begins, however, the cultures of Eridu and Nippur had coalesced.

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Ancient city of Sumer, southern Mesopotamia, south of Ur. Its location corresponds to modern Tell Abu Shahrain, southern Iraq. Eridu was one of the most important ...

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Eridu , ancient city of Sumer, Mesopotamia, near the Euphrates, S of Ur . Excavations conducted from 1946 to 1949 revealed that Eridu was the

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The great Flood: the Eridu Genesis: Mask of a Sumerian The Great Flood: mythological story about a great destruction that once befell the earth.