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Eucratides I (Greek: Εὐκρατίδης Α΄; reigned c. 170–145 BC), sometimes called Eucratides the Great, was one of the most important Greco-Bactrian kings ...

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Eucratides, also spelled Eukratides (flourished middle of the 2nd century bc), the last important king of Greek Bactria.

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Eucratides II (Greek: Εὐκρατίδης Β΄) was a Greco-Bactrian king who was a successor and probably a son of Eucratides I. It seems likely that Eucratides II ...

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EUCRATIDES, name of two Greco-Bactrian kings. 1. Eucratides I (r. 170-145 B.C.E.), one of the last and most powerful of the Greco-Bactrian kings.

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Eucratides I ("the Great" ... name also spelled Eukratides) is one of the few Greek kings in India about whom we know something from literary sources.

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Anagnorisma eucratides is a moth in the Noctuidae family. It is found in the Hindu Kush Mountains in eastern Afghanistan at altitudes between 2,050 and 2,450 meters.

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Eucratides I , sometimes called "the Great" , is probably the most celebrated of the Indo-Greek kings. Initially a usurper against Demetrios II, he ultimately