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Euparkeria (/ juː ˌ p ɑːr k ə ˈ r iː ə /; meaning "Parker's good animal", named in honor of W.K. Parker) is an extinct genus of archosauriform from the Middle ...

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The African Euparkeria was a tiny, quick, and voracious predecessor of the first dinosaurs.

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Euparkeria, was a small African reptile of the early Triassic period who was an ancestor of archosaurs, a group of animals that includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and ...

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Documental que nos muestra las criaturas anteriores a los dinosaurios 2:50. Play next; Play now; Caminando Entre Monstruos: Vida Antes de los Dinosaurios (1 ...

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Euparkeria, extinct genus of reptile very closely related to the ancestral archosaurs (a group containing present-day crocodiles and birds and ancestral dinosaurs and ...

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Introduction to Euparkeria: Euparkeria is a close relative of the archosaurs, and is known only from a single locality in the Lower Triassic of southern Africa.

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Information about the archosaur Euparkeria and other prehistoric creatures.

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Learn about The Euparkeria, a member of the Reptilia Group, with

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Description Edit. Euparkeria had a light, lean body, long tail, and a small skull with tiny, needle-like teeth. Euparkeria had small bony plates that ran along the ...

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Euparkaria. Euparkeria is a small insect eater and a relative to the true ancestors of Dinosaurs. They were smaller than cats, and yet tenacious little predators.