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Granite domes are domical hills composed of granite with bare rock exposed over most of the surface. Generally, domical features such as these are known as bornhardts.

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Overview Exfoliation Dome is a massive dome of compact high quality granite off Mountain Loop Highway south of Darrington. This dome is not a rock outcropping, wall ...

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Best Answer: Exfoliation, in geological terms, is the cracking of a rock that is produced by the releasing of pressure. Great examples are in Yosemite ...

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Exfoliation joints or sheet joints are surface-parallel fracture systems in rock often leading to erosion of concentric slabs.

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Exfoliation Dome is not just a crag, but a mountain peak with no simple route up or down. The main faces on the dome are called Blueberry Hill (facing west) and Witch ...

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Some informal definitions: ... exfoliation dome: a dome-shaped hill typically with a bare rock surface, typically developed in massive coarse-grained rocks ...

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The Rock is a huge, pink granite exfoliation dome, that rises 425 feet above ground, 1,825 feet above sea level, and covers 640 acres.

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Exfoliation can happen in thin layers on individual boulders, or it can take place in thick slabs as it does here, at Enchanted Rock in Texas.

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Exfoliation Domes. Exfoliation domes are one of the more spectacular results of rock relaxation, which is the result of the removal of overburden by erosion.