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Physical properties of materials and systems can often be categorized as being either intensive or extensive quantities, according to how the property changes when ...

Extensive Variable -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

A variable whose values depend on the quantity of substance under study (e.g., volume V, enthalpy \Delta H, entropy \Delta S, Gibbs' free energy \Delta G, length ...

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Intensive and extensive variables When considering physical systems, ... where ⇢ is an intensive variable and mass m = ⇢V is the extensive variable, ...

Intensive Variable -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

A variable which is independent of the quantity of material present (e.g., density \rho, specific heat C_P, temperature T, pressure P). See also: Extensive Variable

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The thermodynamic force is always an intensive variable and the displacement is always an extensive variable, ... displacements are called conjugate variables. [1]

11.7 The Basic Thermodynamic Variables

11. 7 The Basic Thermodynamic Variables This section introduces the most important basic players in thermodynamics. The primary thermodynamic property introduced so ...

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Glossary Extensive Variable. The value of an extensive variable (e.g., volume, mass, energy, enthalpy, electric charge, etc) depends on the size of the system.

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An extensive variable is one which depends on system size (like mass or volume). ... A ratio of extensive variables will yield an intensive variable!

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Derived Variables. Last time we introduced two different kinds of thermodynamic ... Does the product of two extensive variables produce a similar extensive variable?

Intensive and Extensive Variables

Intensive and Extensive Variables. Consider two bodies each with the same volume and the same pressure. Bring the bodies together, what is the result? (03-2)