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On a differentiable manifold, the exterior derivative extends the concept of the differential of a function to differential forms of higher degree.

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The exterior derivative of a k-form is a (k+1)-form. For example, for a differential k-form ... Algebra. Applied Mathematics. Calculus and Analysis. Discrete Mathematics.

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The exterior derivative allows the fundamental theorem of calculus to be generalized to integrals over areas and volumes and higher dimensional analogues.

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In mathematics, the exterior covariant derivative is an analog of an exterior derivative that takes into account the presence of a connection

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The exterior derivative is uniquely speci ed by the following requirements: rst, it satis es d(df) = 0 for all functions f. Second, it is a graded derivation of

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Does anyone know where I can see a motivation for defining the exterior derivative antisymmetrically instead of just using the *normal* derivative of forms?

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Hi, actually I have several related questions, not worth opening different threads: What is the of the exterior derivative intuitively? What is its geometric meaning?

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Exterior derivative is available in 11 languages. Return to Exterior derivative. Languages. català; Deutsch; español; français; italiano; 日本語; Nederlands

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Define the exterior derivative of a function and of a differential form; Show that d(dw) = 0 for any differential form w; Be able to manipulate exterior derivatives ...

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The take-home message here, though, is that the exterior derivative ... Introduction to Exterior Calculus — Part ... and Dirty Introduction to Exterior Calculus ...