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Extraterrestrial life [n 1] is life that does not originate from Earth. It is also called alien life, or, if it is a sentient and/or relatively complex individual, an ...

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Take part in the search for life on Learn about the Fermi paradox, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) and astrobiology.

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Fossilized alien microbes have been discovered in a sample extracted from a meteorite, according to research carried out by a NASA/Marshall Space Flight ...

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Scientists have claimed to find evidence for extraterrestrial life in microbes on meteorites and visions of canals on Mars. Here are our top 5 scientific claims for ...

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How Our View of Mars Has Changed from Lush Oasis to Arid Desert. Once thought of as a lush alien world teeming with life and later dismissed as an arid, desolate orb ...

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The search for extraterrestrial life is an absorbing, hotly disputed topic. See how scientists look for extraterrestrial life and what they've found.

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The SETI Institute's Jill Tarter is featured in an online series created by WeTransfer that explores influential voices in music, design and science. Read More.

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Read the latest extraterrestrial life news and view extraterrestrial life pictures from our team of local insiders.

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Extraterrestrial life, life that may exist or may have existed in the universe outside of Earth. The search for extraterrestrial life encompasses many fundamental ...