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Finings [note 1] are substances that are usually added at or near the completion of the processing of brewing wine, beer, and various nonalcoholic juice beverages.

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Fining Agents – Improving Beer Clarity. ... Finings for the fermenter are added a few days before bottling or racking to precipitate yeast, proteins and polyphenols.

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Fining definition, ... (transitive) to clarify (wine, etc) by adding finings . 27. (transitive) (billiards, snooker) to hit (a cue ball) fine . 28.

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Isinglass finings are widely used as a processing aid in the British brewing industry to accelerate the fining, or clarification, of beer.

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finings (ˈfaɪnɪŋz) pl n (Brewing) a substance, such as isinglass, added to wine, beer, etc, to clarify it

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E.C. Kraus can answer these questions; What on earth does "finings" mean, and what does it have to do with making wine?

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A wide selection of beer finings for better beer clarity can be found at Adventures in Homebrewing. Add beer brewing finings to make your homebrew more clear.

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Auxiliary finings are optional post-fermentation finings that are used in conjunction with isinglass finings to produce brilliant clarity in cask-conditioned beers ...

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A Clearer Understanding of Fining Agents Author: Jeff Chorniak Issue: Oct/Nov 2007. The first thing you notice when someone hands you a glass of wine is its ...