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A fipple is a constricted mouthpiece common to many end-blown flutes, such as the tin whistle and the recorder. These instruments are known variously as fipple flutes ...

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The old English fipple flute, or flte bec, is described under the headings Recorder and Flageolet.

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Welcome to Chiff & Fipple, the ultimate guide to . the instrument known as the tinwhistle, pennywhistle, Irish whistle, or just plain .whistle.

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I was the pebble tossed into the community, but then I sat back, mesmerised by the fipple effect as the team took over running the mobile clinic, the workshops, the ...

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Cross-section of the head of a recorder, indicating the wooden fipple plug (A), a "ducted flue" windway (B), and the "labium lip" (C) which forms the far ...

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Fipple flute, also called whistle flute, duct flute, or block flute, any of several end-blown flutes having a plug (“block,” or “fipple”) inside the pipe ...

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Definitions of fipple: noun: a wooden plug forming a flue pipe (as the mouthpiece of a recorder) Related words... Descriptive words for fipple (New!