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fix·a·tive (fĭk′sə-tĭv) n. Something that fixes, protects, or preserves, especially: a. A liquid preservative applied to artwork, such as watercolor paintings ... fixative spray,k:fixative spray

Product Description... This workable fixative from Krylon ... The spray is acid free and ...

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A fixative is a stabilizing or preservative agent: Fixative (drawing), a liquid usually sprayed over a finished piece of artwork to better preserve it and prevent ...

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fixative fix·a·tive (fĭk'sə-tĭv) adj. Serving to fix, bind, or make firm or stable. n. A substance used for the preservation of tissue or cell specimens.

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How to apply fixative spray - learn how to correctly apply spray fixatives to drawings - pastel, charcoal or graphite.

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In the fields of histology, pathology, and cell biology, fixation is a critical step in the preparation of histological sections by which biological tissues are ...

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Krylon® Workable Fixatif. Item# 10520155. Images. $8.99. Details Product Actions. Add to cart options ...

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Gives lasting protection to pencil, charcoal and chalk, yet erases easily. Clear, matte fixative is easy to work with. Dries in seconds, doesn't wrinkle, smudge or smear.

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fixative [fik´sah-tiv] an agent used in preserving a histologic or pathologic specimen so as to maintain the normal structure of its constituent elements. fix·a ...