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The flag of Iraq (Arabic: علم العراق ‎) includes the three equal horizontal red, white, and black stripes of the Arab Liberation flag.

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Legislation. The web site of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the parliament of Iraq, has put out an image of what is appears to be the new interim flag, valid ...

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The flag of Iraq (علم العراق‎) consists of three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black. The Takbir on the middle white band reads “Allahu ...

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The flag of Iraq derives its basic colors from the Arab Liberation Flag. Find out about the Design and History of this flag.

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Following World War I, Britain occupied Mesopotamia, “Land Between the Rivers,” and offered the crown for the new kingdom of Iraq to Fayṣal, son of Ḥusayn ibn ...

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This has a Kurdish-Arab peace sun in the shape of an eight-pointed star (sometimes likened to the ancient "Star of Ishtar" symbol). The flag uses the four Pan-Arab ...

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The current flag of Iran (Persian: پرچم ایران ‎‎, Parcham-e Irān) was adopted on 29 July 1980, and is a reflection of the changes brought about by the ...

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