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Flag of South Korea: Hangul: 태극기: Hanja: 太 極 旗: Revised Romanization: Taegeukgi: McCune–Reischauer: T'aegŭkki

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Cinema; Internet censorship / Internet censorship in North Korea; Cinema of South Korea / Cinema of North Korea; Music of South Korea / Music of North Korea

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South Korea Flag - The south korean flag is also known as Taegeukgi. The ensign has three segments - a white field; a blue and red taegeuk in the middle; and four ...

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For (South) Korea: PMS 186 red, 294 blue and black. The vertical flag is simply the horizontal version turned 90 degrees clockwise. Ian Sumner, 10 October 2012.

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South Korea is a country in eastern Asia. South Korea's flag pictures a red and blue Yin-Yang symbol, red (yang) on top, blue (yin) on the bottom, in the center of a ...

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File:Flag of South Korea.svg. ... Flag of Korea.svg (file redirect) File:Flag of Republic of Korea.svg (file redirect) File:Flag of South Korea.png; File: ...

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The oldest picture of a "Taegukgi," the national flag of Korea, ... However the 'old Korean flag' differs in several respects from the present South Korean flag: