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Folkway, the learned behaviour, shared by a social group, that provides a traditional mode of conduct. According to the American sociologist William Graham Sumner ...

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Explore the essential element of culture known as folkways. In this lesson, you'll learn about this type of social norm and the patterns associated with folkways.

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The Meaning of Folkways. The concept of folkways is associated with the name of William Sumner who made one of the clarifying analyses of culture and its implications.

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plural noun, Sociology. 1. the ways of living, thinking, and acting in a human group, built up without conscious design but serving as compelling guides of conduct.

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What is folkway? Sociological definition of folkway. Sentence using folkway. Example of folkway. Free online sociology dictionary defining key concepts & terms.

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Terminology. The English word morality comes from the same Latin root "mōrēs", as does the English noun moral. However, mores do not, as is commonly supposed ...

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By Ashley Crossman. Definition: Folkways are a set of norms in a social system that govern commonly accepted practices, customs, and habits that make up the fabric of ...

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Folkways can refer to: Folkways (sociology), in sociology, are norms for routine or casual interaction; Folkways Records, a record label founded by Moe Asch in 1948

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Folkways and mores are informal norms that dictate behavior; however, the violation of mores carries heavier consequences.