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The Franks (Latin: Franci or gens Francorum) are historically first known as a group of Germanic tribes that roamed the land between the Lower and Middle Rhine in the ...

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Under the Frankish kings, who in their administration followed the Roman tradition, this system was preserved.

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Measuring the influence of the Frankish people, language and culture on the rest of Europe.

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Frank·ish (frăng′kĭsh) adj. Of or relating to the Franks or their language. n. The West Germanic language of the Franks. Frankish (ˈfræŋkɪʃ)

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Frankish may refer to: Franks, a Germanic tribe and their culture Frankish language or its modern descendants, Franconian languages; Francia; Crusaders

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The Frankish Kingdom = Roman Empire = Frankish foederati. The Franks were originally a confederation of Germanic tribes east of the Rhine that from AD 257 ...


The Franks were a confederation formed in Western Germany of a certain number of ... The Frankish kingdom thereupon took its place in history under more promising ...

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Frankish Empire. From their heartland, the Franks gradually conquered most of Roman Gaul north of the Loire valley and east of Visigothic Aquitaine.

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Frankish ‎(comparative more Frankish, superlative most Frankish) Of or pertaining to the Franks. In or of the language of the Franks. Synonyms .