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FUELing Champions. Gamma Labs was established in 2004 with a single-purpose — To develop the healthiest, most effective solutions to enhance athletic performance ...

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The word {sigma iota gamma upsilon nu omicron nu}, 'lance,' is to the Cyprians a current term but to us a strange one.

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Gamma is a measurement of how fast the delta of an option’s price changes after a 1-point movement in the underlying security.

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Gamma (uppercase Γ, lowercase γ; Greek: Γάμμα Gámma) is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 3.

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Gamma correction, gamma nonlinearity, gamma encoding, or often simply gamma, is the name of a nonlinear operation used to code and decode luminance or tristimulus ...

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gamma gam·ma (gām'ə) n. Symbol γ The third letter of the Greek alphabet. The third item in a series or system of classification. The third position from a ...

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Finally, for fans of Ronnie Montrose and Gamma, GAMMA 1 is available on CD! Up till now, the only offering has been 'The Best of Gamma', a good- but not great ...

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γ gamma, the third letter of the Greek alphabet, often used to indicate the third member of a series, such as the γ chain of hemoglobin. See also terms beginning ...