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gaudy, tawdry, garish, flashy, meretricious mean vulgarly or cheaply showy. gaudy implies a tasteless use of overly bright, often clashing colors or excessive ...

Gaudy | Define Gaudy at posted a closeup of the gaudy diamond ring, with an appraiser estimating its value at upward of $750,000.

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Gaudy or gaudie [1] (from the Latin, "gaudium", meaning "enjoyment" or "merry-making") is a term used to reflect student life in a number of the ancient universities ...

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gaud·y 1 (gô′dē) adj. gaud·i·er, gaud·i·est. Showy in a tasteless or vulgar way. See Synonyms at garish. [Possibly from gaudy (influenced by gaud).]

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The definition of gaudy is something that is bright and ornate, but overdone to the point of being tacky.

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gaudy ‎(comparative gaudier, superlative gaudiest) very showy or ornamented, now especially when excessive, or in a tasteless or vulgar manner Shakespeare

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Something that's gaudy is showy, bright and definitely tacky. So think twice about that gaudy rainbow-colored suit and shiny gold shoes ensemble.

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... Joan Gaudí, a hawker, moved to Catalonia in the 17th century; possible origins of Gaudí's family name include Gaudy or Gaudin. [11] El Mas de la …

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