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gem·i·nate (jĕm′ə-nāt′) v. gem·i·nat·ed, gem·i·nat·ing, gem·i·nates. 1. To double. 2. To arrange in pairs. 3. Linguistics To make into a geminate.

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Sometimes few simple hexaradiate and geminate tetraradiate spicula are mingled.

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In phonetics, gemination or consonant elongation happens when a spoken consonant is pronounced for an audibly longer period of time than a short consonant.

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Geminate is related to the Latin word for "twin," geminus. It entered English in the late 1500s.

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geminate ‎(third-person singular simple present geminates, present participle geminating, simple past and past participle geminated) To arrange in pairs.

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Example sentences This item was recorded with gemination, but the precise status of gemination in the language is not easy to determine. Because gemination is common ...

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Define germinate: of a seed : to begin to grow—usage, synonyms, more. Follow: GAMES; ... fustigate, geminate, generate, glaciate, Golden Gate, graduate, ...

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In the current paper, durations of short and long voiceless geminates in trisyllabic as well as tetraand pentasyllabic words are analyzed.