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A genetic screen is an experimental technique used to identify and select for individuals who possess a phenotype of interest in a mutagenized population. [1]

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Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing, allows the genetic diagnosis of vulnerabilities to inherited diseases, and can also be used to determine a child's ...

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A genetic screen is screen is a laboratory procedure used to create and detect a mutant organism. It also goes by the name mutagenesis screen.

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Social dilemmas of genetic screening. The use of a genetic marker to predict early genetic disorders can be beneficial to the society, so we may prevent symptom ...

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Human Genetic Screening. Firas M Abu-El Samem. Introduction: Humans, like all other living organisms, have genes. These genes instruct our bodies to make proteins ...

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The Art and Design of Genetic Screens: A collection of reviews from Nature Reviews Genetics, continually updated. Select the links below for full-text access.

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National Cancer Institute (NCI) News Release "RNA Interference Genetic Screen Suggests New Targets for Cancer Therapies", Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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