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The geology of Mars is the scientific study of the surface, crust, and interior of the planet Mars. It emphasizes the composition, structure, history, and physical ...

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Goal 3: Characterize the Geology of Mars. How did Mars become the planet we see today? What accounts for the differences and similarities between Earth and Mars?

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Geology of Mars Here you can learn about the six geological processes that are either currently operating on Mars or have operated during Martian history.

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Global Properties Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and it orbits the Sun just outside the Earth. Its orbital radius is about 1.5 times that of the Earth-Sun ...

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U.S.G.S. Planetary GIS Web Server - PIGWAD Planetary Interactive G.I.S.-on-the-Web Analyzable Database

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A short glimpse of geology of the planet Mars. Good for undergraduate and post-graduate students of geology, geography, earth and planetary sciences ...

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Probes that went into orbit around Mars in the 1970s discovered many intriguing geological features. Photos showed not only ancient, heavily cratered areas, but also ...

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Of all of the planets in our Solar System, Mars is more like Earth than any other. Even in the absence of life, Mars is a planet of geologic wonders.

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The geology of Mars: new insights and outstanding questions James W. Head Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University. 1.1 Introduction

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Mars Pathfinder Science Results. The mosaic of the landscape constructed from the first images revealed a rocky plain (about 20 percent of which was covered by rocks ...