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The Father of paleontology Georges Cuvier; Born 23 August 1769 Montbéliard, Holy Roman Empire: Died: 13 May 1832 (aged 62) Paris: Nationality: French: Fields

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Cuvier's Scientific Thought. Cuvier saw organisms as integrated wholes, in which each part's form and function were integrated into the entire body.

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Georges Cuvier was one of the most influential figures in science during the early nineteenth century. A self-appointed referee of proper science from his ...

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A brief biography of Georges Cuvier, including how he influenced the Theory of Evolution.

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Georges Cuvier, in full Georges-Léopold-Chrétien-Frédéric-Dagobert, Baron Cuvier (born August 23, 1769, Montbéliard [now in France]—died May 13, 1832, Paris ...

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Cuvier's life. Cuvier was born at Montbéliard, a French-speaking community in the Jura Mountains, not under French jurisdiction, but ruled by the Duke of Württemberg.

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Georges Cuvier: The notion of creatures being simply wiped from the face of the Earth was anathema to many early naturalists. When fossil remains were found that were ...

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Georges Cuvier. In a 1794 faculty meeting at the natural history museum in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck chose not to recommend a talented young comparative anatomist ...

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Extinctions: Georges Cuvier By the 1700s, fossils had been inducted into the living world. Instead of being produced by rocks themselves, fossils were recognized ...

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Georges Cuvier, the French paleontologist and comparative anatomist, documented the fact of evolution that theorists would later try to explain.