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The Georgian era of British history is a period which takes its name from, and is normally defined as spanning the reigns of the first four Hanoverian kings of Great ...

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Georgian architecture was widely disseminated in the English colonies during the Georgian era. In the American colonies, colonial Georgian blended with the neo ...

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The Georgian Era (1714 - 1830) is a period in British history, covering the reigns of the kings George I, George II, George III, George IV. It was certainly a time of ...

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The articles published on All Things Georgian are copyright by their respective ... offering a broad insight into the social history of the Georgian era, ...

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The Georgian era is a period of British history, normally defined as including the reigns of the kings George I, ... Agriculture, Industry and Transport.

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When we talk about the Georgian Era, for the purposes of this webpage, we will focus on English History c. 1720 to 1750. [Social History] * [Political History]

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Guide to Georgian history and culture in Britain, including daily life, landscape gardens, country houses, famous people, important events, Georgian London, and ...

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Are Georgian and Augustan poetry the same thing? And is this the place for a description of Georgian poetry, rather than a link to the article on the subject?

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Georgian (1714 to 1837) Georgian style embraces a century under the reign of three Georges and is often divided into the Palladian, early and late Georgian periods.