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glossolalia glos·so·la·li·a (glô'sə-lā'lē-ə) n. Fabricated, nonmeaningful speech, especially associated with trances or certain schizophrenic syndromes.

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Glossolalia or (speaking in tongues) the religious phenomenon of persons speaking languages not known to them. The term derives from glōssais lalō, a Greek phrase ...

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glossolalia. Glossolalia is fabricated, meaningless speech. According to Dr. William T. Samarin, professor of anthropology and linguistics at the University of ...

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Speaking in tongues and baptism of the holy spirit and the real truth on glossolalia that is known as the gift of speaking in tongues in the Bible.

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What is glossolalia? Is the biblical gift of speaking in tongues the same thing as glossolalia?

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One could also cite the autohypnotic glossolalia of Matt Mul-lican; or Frances Stark's confessional PowerPoint presentation, in which the artist relates her ...

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Glossolalia (from Greek glossa γλώσσα "tongue, language" and lalô λαλώ "speak, speaking") refers to ecstatic utterances, often as part of religious ...

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Glossolalia (from the Greek, "γλώσσα" (glossa), tongue and "λαλώ" (lalô), I speak) comprises unintelligible utterances, often as part of religious practice.

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Glossolalia, also called speaking in tongues, (from Greek glōssa, “tongue,” and lalia, “talking”), utterances approximating words and speech, usually ...