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The golden angle plays a significant role in the theory of phyllotaxis. Perhaps most notably, the golden angle is the angle separating the florets on a sunflower.

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Golden Angle. The golden angle is the angle that divides a full angle in a golden ratio (but measured in the opposite direction so that it measures less than ), i.e.,

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One obtains the Golden Angle, of about 137.51 degrees, by a golden section of the circumference of the circle:

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Nature, The Golden Ratio, ... So, next time you are walking in the garden, look for the Golden Angle, and count petals and leaves to find Fibonacci Numbers,

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The golden angle is closely related to the celebrated golden ratio, which the ancient Greeks and others believed to have divine and mystical properties.

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→ Print-friendly version. So far we’ve already talked about the Golden Ratio as a length. Now let’s talk about its close cousin the Golden Angle.

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A golden triangle, also known as the sublime triangle, [1] is an isosceles triangle in which the duplicated side is in the golden ratio to the distinct side: Golden Angel: Books, Biography, Blog ...

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