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Gradualism, from Latin gradus ("step"), is a hypothesis, a theory or a tenet assuming that change comes about gradually or that variation is gradual in nature. [1]

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noun 1. the principle or policy of achieving some goal by gradual steps rather than by drastic change. 2. Philosophy. a theory maintaining that two seemingly ...

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Eurozone is also battling high unemployment; low inflation and nonexistent growth, however, similar to Japan; eurozone is also following gradualism.

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A look at the differences between possible rates of evolution gradualism and punctuated equilibrium.

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Evolution home: Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium . Gradualism and punctuated equilibrium are two ways in which the evolution of a species can occur.

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The definition of gradualism is the slow and gradual changes that happen within an organism or society to make a better environmental fit for animals and humans.

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Phyletic gradualism is a model of evolution which theorizes that most speciation is slow, uniform and gradual. [1] When evolution occurs in this mode, it is usually ...

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Define gradualist. gradualist synonyms, gradualist pronunciation, ... gradualism; gradualist; graduality; gradually; gradualness; graduand; graduate; graduate nurse;

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Gradualism is a process of change by gradual, slow stages. In politics, it is the opposite of revolutions and rapid change. "Gradualism is... sometimes associated ...