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The Guianas, sometimes called by the Spanish loan-word Guayanas (Las Guayanas), are a region in north-eastern South America which includes the following three ...

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The Guianas, region of South America, located on the continent’s north-central coast and covering an area of about 181,000 square miles (468,800 square km).

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French Guiana was originally inhabited by indigenous people. The French attempted to create a colony there in the 18th century in conjunction with its settlement of ...

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As Guianas limitam-se ao sul e leste com o Brasil, ao oeste com a Venezuela e ao norte com o oceano Atlântico. No entanto, ao se contabilizarem todas as definições ...

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The Guianas: Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana hide so well under their blanket of South American jungle that even geography nerds have a hard time pinpointing them ...

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The three Guianas, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are a true melting pot of ethnic diversity unlikely to be found anywhere else in South America. Read More.

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Populations of marine mammals, birds, reptiles and fish are in serious decline worldwide according to WWF’s Living Blue Planet Report. “in the space of a single ...

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Guianas: Many jobs in the Guianas have to do with digging for gold in deep mines underground. Often times, the conditions for the workers are very bad and unsafe.

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French Guiana. If you have any Euros left over from your European travels you can use them in French Guiana. This former French colony, is an overseas department of ...