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A heptose is a monosaccharide with seven carbon atoms. They have either an aldehyde functional group in position 1 (aldoheptoses) or a ketone functional group in ...

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heptose in Medicine Expand heptose hep·tose (hěp'tōs', -tōz') n. A monosaccharide containing seven carbon atoms in a molecule. The American Heritage® Stedman's ...

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heptose [hep´tōs] a sugar whose molecule contains seven carbon atoms. hep·tose (hep'tōs), A sugar with seven carbon atoms in its molecule; for example, sedoheptulose.

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heptose. Wikipedia. Etymology . hepta-+‎ -ose. Noun . heptose ‎(plural heptoses) (organic chemistry) A sugar or saccharide containing seven carbon atoms.

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any of several isomeric monosaccharides, CHO. Origin of heptose. hept(a)- + -ose. heptose

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Heptose. Molecular Formula C 7 H 14 O 7; Average mass 210.182 Da; Monoisotopic mass 210.073959 Da; ChemSpider ID 190430; More details: Systematic name. 2,3,4,5,6,7 ...

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Medical definition of heptose: any of various monosaccharides C7H14O7 containing seven carbon atoms in a molecule ... What made you want to look up heptose?

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Looking for heptose? Find out information about heptose. Any member of the group of monosaccharides containing seven carbon atoms Explanation of heptose.