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Heung Jin Moon (Hangul: 문흥진; October 23, 1966 – January 2, 1984), also referred to by members of the Unification Church as Heung Jin Nim or posthumously as ...

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The Unification Church teaches that Heung Jin Moon's death had cosmic significance, and that he is now in a position in heaven higher than Jesus.

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Heung Jin Moon (Korean:문흥진) (October 23, 1966 - January 2, 1984) This page is dedicated to honor our Elder Brother Heung Jin Moon and to inspire our...

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Hyun Jin Moon and Chung Hwan Kwak family are not doing Father's will - Duration: 6:31. globalpeacef1 15,197 views

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Heung Jin Moon → Unification Church beliefs about Heung Jin Moon — article provides no pre-mortem information about Heung Jin Moon. After a short discussion of ...

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Heung Jin Moon is available in 2 languages. Return to Heung Jin Moon. Languages. 日本語; 한국어

Who was Black Heung Jin? - How Well Do You Know Your Moon

Who was Black Heung Jin? Heung Jin nim was a well-respected son in the True Family (Rev. Moon’s family). I guess every Moon child was respected at the time, even ...

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Hyun Jin Moon, inspired by Vision of one Family Under God, the social innovator and peace advocate leading spiritual movement for Global Peace Foundation

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Today's Korean paragraph illustrates the problem with reading only the translation. The following is an official translation. "we become sons and daughters whom God ...