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A hexokinase is an enzyme that phosphorylates hexoses (six-carbon sugars), forming hexose phosphate. In most organisms, glucose is the most important substrate of ...

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hexokinase in Medicine Expand hexokinase hex·o·ki·nase (hěk'sə-kī'nās', -nāz', -kĭn'ās', -āz') n. A transferase enzyme present in yeast, muscle, and other ...

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hexokinase [hek″so-ki´nās] an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a high-energy phosphate group of a donor to d-glucose, producing d-glucose-6-phosphate.

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Hexokinase I complex with ATP analog, glucose, glucose-phosphate and Mg+2 ion (PDB code 1qha)

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In the first reaction of glycolysis, the gama-phosphoryl group of an ATP molecule is transferred to the oxygen at the C-6 of glucose (magnesium ion is required as the ...

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Glucokinase (EC is an enzyme that facilitates phosphorylation of glucose to glucose-6-phosphate. Glucokinase occurs in cells in the liver, pancreas, gut, and ...

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In animals, this phosphorylation of glucose, which yields glucose 6-phosphate, is catalyzed by two different enzymes. In most cells a hexokinase with a high affinity ...

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I.U.B.: C.A.S.: 9001-51-8 . Enzymatic Reaction (image will open in a new window) Hexokinase catalyzes the reaction: Hexokinases have been isolated from the ...