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Middle English, from Old English hōf; akin to Old High German huof hoof, Sanskrit śapha. First Known Use: before 12th century

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By horseback and hoof, Twain takes us from the Mormon Theocracy of Utah to the wide-open craziness in the Sierra mining fields.

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hoof horse hoof hoof (ho͝of, ho͞of) n. pl. hooves (ho͝ovz, ho͞ovz) or hoofs 1. a. The horny sheath covering the toes or lower part of the foot of a mammal of the ...

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A hoof (/ ˈ h uː f / or / ˈ h ʊ f /), plural hooves (/ ˈ h uː v z / or / ˈ h ʊ v z /) or hoofs / ˈ h ʊ f s /, is the tip of a toe of an ungulate mammal ...

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A horse hoof is a structure surrounding the distal phalanx of the 3rd digit (digit III of the basic pentadactyl limb of vertebrates, evolved into a single weight ...

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hoof it. Inf. to walk. If nobody gives us a ride, we'll have to hoof it. She hoofed it home from the dance in her high-heeled shoes. See also: hoof

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The definition of a hoof is the hard cover on the feet of some mammals such as horses and deer, or is slang for the human foot.

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Newsletter dedicated to the natural hoof and natural trimming methods, with information on all aspects of barefoot horse care and research. Strasser books for sale.

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hoof a horny casing of the toe produced by hardened epidermal cuticle (keratin), found particularly in UNGULATES. hoof. the horny covering of the digit of ungulates.