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What is hydrology and what do hydrologists do?

What is hydrology and what do hydrologists do? Water is one of our most precious natural resources. Without it, there would be no life on earth.

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Hydrology is the scientific study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water on Earth and other planets, including the hydrologic cycle, water resources and ...

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noun 1. the science dealing with the occurrence, circulation, distribution, and properties of the waters of the earth and its atmosphere. 2. hydrogeology; geohydrology.

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Provides links to USGS information about hydrology and related topics. Provides a topical browse interface into USGS information utilizing controlled vocabularies ...

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: the body of medical knowledge and practice concerned with the therapeutic use of bathing and water

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Bulgaria's Nationa Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology forecasts a very cold Friday morning, with lows in the range -10-15 C, reaching to -18-22 C at some locations.

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hydrology, study of water and its properties, including its distribution and movement in and through the land areas of the earth. The hydrologic cycle consists of the ...

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Hydrology, scientific discipline concerned with the waters of the Earth, including their occurrence, distribution, and circulation via the hydrologic cycle and ...