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The ilium and ischium do not as in Carinatae unite posteriorly, and enclose a foramen except in very old Rheas and Emeus.

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The ilium (/ ˈ ɪ l ɪ ə m /) is the uppermost and largest bone of the pelvis, and appears in most vertebrates including mammals and birds, but not bony fish.

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Ilium is a science fiction novel by Dan Simmons, the first part of the Ilium/Olympos cycle, concerning the re-creation of the events in the Iliad on an alternate ...

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Il·i·um (ĭl′ē-əm) See Troy. il·i·um (ĭl′ē-əm) n. pl. il·i·a (-ē-ə) The uppermost and widest of the three bones constituting either of the lateral ...

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Full Ilium Description [Continued from above] . . . It forms the superior region of the hipbone and joins with the pubis and ischium at the acetabulum, or hip socket.

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Genre-hopping Dan Simmons returns to science fiction with the vast and intricate masterpiece Ilium . Within, Simmons weaves three astounding story lines into one ...

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The pelvic girdle consists of three paired elements, the ilia, ischia, and pubes, which are fused into a single piece with the synsacrum. The ilium is the most dorsal ...

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ilium [il´e-um] (pl. i´lia) (L.) the lateral, flaring portion of the hip bone. adj., adj il´iac. (See also table of bones.) il·i·um, pl. il·i·a