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An imam (/ ɪ ˈ m ɑː m /; Arabic: إمام ‎ imām, plural: أئمة aʼimmah; Persian: امام ‎‎) is an Islamic leadership position. It is most commonly ...

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imam Musri, sitting in his office in Orlando, about 100 miles south of Gainesville, was convinced that Jones didn't have a choice.

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Receptionist Position. Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya (I.M.A.M.), a nationwide religious American Shia Muslim organization, is seeking to fill a part-time or full ...

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What does an imam do? The imam leads Islamic prayer and services, but may also take on a larger role in providing community support and spiritual advice.

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Imamah (Arabic: إمامة ‎) is the Shia Islam doctrine (belief) of religious, spiritual and political leadership of the Ummah. The Shia believe that the Imams are ...

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Imam, Arabic Imām, (“leader,” “pattern”), the head of the Muslim community; the title is used in the Qurʾān several times to refer to leaders and to Abraham.

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i·mam also I·mam (ĭ-mäm′) n. Islam 1. a. In law and theology, the caliph who is successor to Muhammad as the lawful temporal leader of the Islamic community. b ...

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An imam (Arabic: إمام; Persian: امام) is an Islamic leader, often the leader of a mosque and/or community. Similarly to spiritual leaders, the imam is the ...

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Wikipedia. imam ‎(plural imams) A Shi'ite Muslim leader. One who leads the salat prayers in a mosque. Quotations . 1901: Now it chanced that in one of ...